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YEAR FUTURE was founded in early 2003 in Los Angeles. Originally compromised of vocalist Sonny Kay (THE VSS, ANGEL HAIR), guitarist Rockey Crane (DEAD AND GONE, CREEPS ON CANDY), bassist Sam Ott (THE FUCKING ANGELS) and drummer Jim Andersen (of THE PATTERN, TALK IS POISON).

In December 2003, the band issued their debut self-titled EP on GSL. Their follow-up EP, The Hidden Hand, was released on GSL in September of 2004. First World Fever, was released in 2006 on GSL and featured new members Pete Lyman (Living Science Foundation) on bass and Chris Hathwell (Moving Units) on drums.
Young Cubs is proud to compile all three of YEAR FUTURE's releases onto one cassette aptly titled, Being Exhumed (featuring new artwork by Sonny Kay).

This release will be available worldwide for Cassette Store Day 2017 on October 14th, 2017.


Side A: First World Fever
1. The Hidden Hand
2. Monday
3. Vehicular Baptism
4. Lord of the Rungs
5. Black Sun
6. Rather Be Cowboy
7. Mostly Plastic
8. Chained at the Ankles
9. Nature Unveiled
10. I’m With Stupid
11. Born Into a Bruise

Side B: The Hidden Hand / Year Future EP
1. Nature Unveiled
2. Police Yourself
3. The Hidden Hand
4. All of Your Eggs
5. Each Others Futures
6. Win/Win
7. Some Bodies