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  • WEST NILE EP (Blood Red LP)

London, Ontario's West Nile has been on a huge roll this year with single after single of top-notch production, proving again and again to be the pinnacle of catchiness. We love that each subsequent release goes in a completely different direction in style from the last. The funky disco of WHAAAT I CAN GETT was a perfect introduction to the project, then there was sonic journey semi-ballad of #1FNDR, released last month, and now LOTTA PPL, which is a straight-up electro-pop BANGER, with an awesome synth-solo and killer chorus hook. It sounds retro and futuristic at the same time. All these songs on a album would be a wonderful thing. No word on anything like that forthcoming, but we can hope and dream. For now, we have these singles (and hopefully more to come)...hitting repeat is a necessity. - Silent Shout