VISION FANTOM "Ecrans Couleur" YC06

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True to its name, VISION FANTOM'S EP, "Ecrans Couleur" (Colored Screens), is a kaleidoscope of overlapping colors painted with a menacing neon paintbrush.

A motorik rumble idles in the opening strains of title track "Ecrans Couleur" like the turn of an ignition key, and runs throughout, providing the perfect score for a dizzying 3AM ride through the underground club life as if one was in a Gaspar Noe film.

VISION FANTOM weaves pristine synths, solid beats, and vocal counterpoints circa 1985 into a very relevant EP for the Future present.


1. Ecrans Couleur
2. Mercenaires
3. Eternity 2000
4. Ecrans Couleur (Tribute to 2006 / Aleister Craft Remix)