VIOLETA VIL "Lapidas y Cocoteros" YC04

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From Northern Spain by way of Venezuela, Chile and the Canary Islands – Violeta Vil arrive on a wave of dreams and psychedelic freefall. The words may be delivered with a Spanish tongue – but the music is universal – ghostly trails of Chromatics, Broadcast and 80s reverberating pop all feature here.

It is the band’s consistent contrast of vivid synth lines across a more blurred background that impresses. Indeed the band themselves describe their sound as one that “explores the dark underside of paradise”. Standouts like Aguamarina have a sense of momentum – a repetition that builds infectiously – wavering keyboards, and the whispered secrets from vocalist Mónica Di Francesco, thicken the effectively heady atmosphere.

Faster cuts – like the excellent Toronjil – drop into a more urgent mode, it’s all delivered with spoken words and distorted guitars – the moment feels akin to old school 80s indie.

The arrangements are often brimming with various streams of thought – bound together with an ethereal production – it certainly makes for an intoxicating cocktail – in fact, at times, this is more dream than pop.

The album title translated is Headstones and Coconuts – so I can only imagine where the lyrics are taking us. But as an experience this is a fine introduction.

-Charlie Holt-