TEENAGE DAYDREAMS "False Hope Syndrome"

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Teenage Daydreams is the whispering heart of Aidan Christopher Haughey. He writes, performs, sings, records, mixes, and masters everything. Every single piece of art that comes through Teenage Daydreams is designed by him; every movie, website, picture, word, song, video game, every breath of Teenage Daydreams is drawn by Aidan Christopher Haughey, but he believes that Teenage Daydreams is everyone, that Teenage Daydreams is a reflection of who we are, sensitive emotional creatures. And that by making such emotive, honest, pieces we can all become a little sweeter, and understand each other a little better. But ultimately, it’s about creating a world of sound and beauty that you can get lost in, because it’s impossibly important to dream.

Teenage Daydreams “False Hope Syndrome” YC07
(download card included)

Young Cubs 2014 (also available digitally on iTunes)


1. Emotional Lightning Girl
2. I Love You Babe
3. Hearts Touching
4. I Don’t Want to Hate
5. False Hope Syndrome
6. Dead Best Friends
7. Getting High Every Day
8. Licking
9. Colors
10. Loving Hate
11. Dreaming with Hope
12. Summer Lush