LUMINANCE "The Light is Ours" EP YC05

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Available Mid-MARCH '14 (Manufacturer Delay)

Luminance is David-Alexandre Parquier.

An accomplished musician from Brussels by way of Paris, he has created a wonderfully hazy EP combining sonic signposts of 1980s New Wave and Synthpop with a wide detour into the musical landscape of the here and now.

While the warble of the bass, jagged guitar strums, and spritely synths wrap around you like Factory Records circa 1987, the waves of time past and time present wash together in an extremely melodic and utterly danceable set of songs. A sense of wistful regret weaves through the EP as it explores the sense of reality by looking through smudged lens realizing that the light, the mere light of experience and existence, although imperfect, has a deep sense of importance. The past is the past, and no matter how fleeting, no matter how unreal it can seem, one has to look ahead with as clear a lens as one can.
The synth buildup and breakdown of “Intro – Empty Shores” and the final track, “Rare are the Ones” create a perfect set of bookends. We wash onto the beach of this world, live life and fade out.


1. Intro / Empty Shores
2. Les Loups
3. Facts Without Emotions
4. The Light Is Ours
5. Exercise
6. Rare Are the Ones