KHEMMIS - Absolution - YC19 Cassette

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Last summer 20 BUCK SPIN released one of our favorite records of 2015. It was by, the Denver, Colarado quartet, KHEMMIS.

We here at YOUNG CUBS are besides ourselves to be issuing the cassette version of KHEMMIS debut record Absolution (under exclusive license from 20 BUCK SPIN).

The six meticulously crafted songs on Absolution reveal a level of musicianship and writing skill seldom heard on debut albums. Often within the scope of a single song, KHEMMIS veers effortlessly between the crushing heaviness of Southern sludge and the somber melodies of traditional doom metal, cohesively weaving the disparate styles into their own immediately recognizable form. Vocally, KHEMMIS also utilizes a dual approach, sometimes harsh and guttural, but generally through a stunningly smooth classic doom/heavy rock delivery that even adamant fans of Pete Stahl and Wino will applaud. The powerfully adept rhythm section perfectly anchor the towering riff mastery and colorful dual guitar harmonies, all brought together by Dave Otero's (Cobalt, Nightbringer) pitch perfect production work.

From the album opener "Torn Asunder" to closing track "The Bereaved," the latter of which will stand as THEE doom track of 2015, Absolution is among the highlight surprises of the year.

Track listing:

1. Torn Asunder
2. Ash, Cinder, Smoke
3. Serpentine
4. Antediluvian
5. Burden of Sin
6. The Bereaved

All cassettes come with d/l card (courtesy of 20 BUCK SPIN)

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