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XUXA SANTAMARIA (nee Chucha Sanatamaria) are: Sofía Córdova (b.Puerto Rico) and Matthew Kirkland (b. New York). They live and work in Oakland, CA. XUXA SANTAMARIA is a bilingual art-punk-dance music project

CHUCHA SANATAMARIA Y USTED: Stemming from the idea that Caribbean immigrants before her found shelter for their at times distressing and difficult situation in the glittery and seemingly-plastic folds of pop music Sofía, in collaboration with husband and fellow artist, Matthew Kirkland,created an eponymous concept album in an attempts to participate in that tradition. The content of ChuCha Santamaria y Usted ranges from abstract impressions of my personal experience of 'coming to America' to engaging with the history of Caribbean colonization from 1492 (with the “discovery” of her native Puerto Rico by Christopher Colombus is the theme of Fiebre Tropical) to today and beyond (the album’s last song, Domingo de Gloria details the story of her resurrection).